Everything in this world is for sale. Everything you own is for sale, even your own body.
Taking shape in your knowledge, your motoric, your humour, your muscled legs, your fast fingers, your breasts.
You own this and you can keep the reward. 

In the installation/performance ‘Pay me, I’m yours’, we see a woman standing behind a window, you see through and around it. With black rope she is tied to the big black cloth behind her. There is a sloth in the window just big enough to put a coin through.
And every coin you push through the slot, falls on the mirror and fills the room with sound. In return she will give you a part of herself.
How far can you go? How much can a person give? When does it end?  When did you use all of her?
‘My arms, my legs, ……………………. I’m scared, I’m scared.’

What happens to the money, the reward? Does she get to keep it? Is she the boss off her own body? Did she keep her ownership?

Performer: Lotta Sophie Bakker