The work consists of 4 elements. 
You experience 1-2-3 by walking 'the path'. Taking you through three installations in which you encounter three performers. 
You experience 4 by sitting on a chair in 'the plain'.



The elements together create a whole. Combining installations - performers - language of moving - language of sound; made by the space, the performers and the audience - sense of touch (especially the feet) - letters, words, sentences - time taken by performer, time taken by audience - 

The performers: 
Waterman - Remco Jacobs                                        Lady on Earth, head in Sky - Nyré Tiessen                   Master Builder - Hugo Ariëns  

Audience experiencing 1-2-3 by walking:


Audience experiencing 4 by sitting:

Fire in the body while feet rooted in Earth                                                                                                                 Credits: Baldwin Hendersson